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Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
24 Hour Emergency Service

24 hour Emergency Service for your Fire Alarm Systems, Freedom Fire has the fire safety expertise to meet fire protection regulations.
Freedom Fire Designs, inspect & services fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire hydrants, backflow protection & more.
Freedom Fire is proud to offer a completed line of fire extinguisher, suppression system solutions & more.

Why call three companies to schedule your fire protection services when you can call just ONE?

Freedom Fire wants to free your time. We offer Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Kitchen Fire suppression, Emergency Lighting and Backflow Inspections, scheduled with just one phone call or email.


Freedom Fire Inc.


Freedom Fire is a leading provider of fire and safety solutions in Manitoba.

At Freedom we strive to provide you effortless piece of mind for all your fire protection equipment needs. We offer three specialized departments functioning as one to help lower your operational costs. With in-house staff for all our listed services, no subcontractors are needed, which means major cost savings to you!

Online Reporting: Lose your inspection report? No Problem! Just login to our company portal and download it. With web based reporting you have access to the inspection reports all the time.

Take advantage of our Freedom Advantage Quoting Tool. We have collected tons of data to build a quoting tool that can provide you with an inspection price for all your fire protection services in just a few short questions. This avoids unwanted hassles of providing a sales rep with a guided tour, or finding last year’s report. Give us a call for an instant estimate.

Avoid unwanted service fees with our mobile recharging. When an fire extinguisher has been discharged or it requires its 6 year service, the content of the fire extinguisher needs to be discharged or recharged. This often results in unwanted service fees for transportation to and from the recharge shop. Our mobile fire extinguisher recharge truck saves time and money by having the fire extinguisher recharged right at your workplace.

Do you receive long list of deficiencies from your current provider? Call us for a second opinion. Was the quote you just received fair? Call us for a second opinion. Your system can’t be fixed and must be upgraded? Call us for a second opinion.

Effective Lithium Battery Fire Protection

Address the burning issues surrounding lithium-ion battery fires. Specifically designed for lithium-ion battery fires, AVD delivers superior performance to extinguish flames and minimize damage.


Why call three companies to schedule your fire protection services when you can call just ONE?